Although there have been huge achievements in changing the conditions of Africans and Africans in the Diaspora since the 1945 Manchester Pan-African Conference, political developments affecting Africans and people of African descent globally in the last few years
suggests that we are not winning the battle against underdevelopment, poverty and the old demon of racism.

The Conveners

Rev Dr Frank Chikane

“I would like to say that “If the 1945 Manchester Pan-African Conference served as ‘a pace-maker of decolonization’, our 2021 Johannesburg Pan-African Conference must be a pace-maker for leapfrogging of Africans and all people of African descent to the cutting edge of global economical developments on the wings of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Rev Dr Angelique Walker-Smith

Rev. Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith is Senior Associate for Pan African and Orthodox Church Engagement at Bread for the World in Washington D.C.  She brings global, national and local experience as a faith thought leader, journalist, speaker, and author.  President Clinton, Senator Richard Lugar, former Indiana Governor (VP) Mike Pence and two of her alma maters, Yale Divinity School and Kent State University have awarded her with high distinctions of leadership.  


We Launched The Organisation which was an event with African Patriots Participation

DAy 1

African Day 25th May 2020 (AAD Concept & Launch With Prof Barney Pityana

Day 2

26th May 2020 (Political & Spiritual Commissions with Rev Dr Frank Chikane)

Day 3

27 May 2020 (Economic & 4th IR Commission with Maurice Radebe)