The Africa & Africa Diaspora was lunched on the on the 25 May on Africa Day.

The conference was filled with world leaders who expressed their excitement for such a movement in our life time . Amongst other speakers the bellow patriots were participating.

Africa & African Diaspora


An Online Africa Consultative Conference

4-5 November 2020

12h00-14h00 CAT

Rev Dr Frank Chikane

Host Convener
(South Africa)

The Advocacy for Africa Network also in Washington D.C. and the Africans Rising Young Adult/Youth movement! It will also be broadcast through the University of the West Indies television,  Pan African TV and African Rising Facebook reaching a very rich and diverse audience.

The Pan African Women of Faith “Third Thursdays Webinar Series on the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace ” Registrations are still open . Click on the button below to register and be part.